Oladeji "Deji" Daniel Olatunji (Born December 9, 1996) Is a YouTuber who does gaming, vlogs, challenges, reaction videos and sometimes skits on his YouTube channel, Deji (Formerly ComedyShortsGamer) and on his second YouTube channel, Deji2nd (Formerly Deji, it to be confused with the new name of his main channel)

History Edit

Early life (1996-2011) Edit

Deji was born a content creator on December 9, 1996 in London, England. He is 3 years younger that his brother Olajide Olatunji Jr (KSI). The son of Yinka and Olajide Sr., he was commonly in his brothers early videos, such as horror games, fifa or reaction videos. Deji gained 2 GCSE’s at ’D’ grades as stated by Vikram Barn, however Deji denies this. Deji got his first girlfriend at the age of 15, despite all the comments about him being either gay, retarded or unpopular.

Youtube Life (2011-present) Edit

Deji opened his youtube account AngelzKid on August 26, 2011, and made his first video to that account on November 17, 2011 calles Ninja Garden 2 (Dubstep) which was the only video he made for 5 years on that account. He then opened ComedyShortsGamer on December 1, 2011, this account was based on Halo 3 roleplay with his voice pitced often. His first video was December 4, 2011, just before his 15th birthday, he made Halo 3 videos for 2 weeks straight. He started making comedy gameplays on January 1, 2012. The first time we saw his face was on the thumbnail of a Halo Q&A video made on June 16, 2012, but we see his face for real on July 13, 2012 in his video "I am TEKKEN!". He continued his trend for a while. On November 2, 2013, He reached 1,000,000 subscribers, and he made a video where he told his dad he reached 1 mil on youtube, and they danced and then his dad asked if he gets payed and deji says no and his dad hits him. From then to day, there was a noticed trend, from 2014, Deji had more of an attitude, and was upset over negative comments, but over the years he has gradually become less negative and be more friendly, but not family friendly since he still says bad words most of the time. Today, his channel is known for reactions, vlogs and skits, and every now and again he would play games, hence his channel name.


Marina Joyce (Unknown)

Others (Unknown)

Tobi’s sloppy seconds (Unknown)

Good things about Deji:

His humour, his hairline (compared to JJ), his wealth, his cars.

Bad things about Deji:

Overreacts, his hyperactivity, not knowing when to stop talking, Tank merch (sorry I’m a SDMN Guy)

12 Most Watched ComedyShortsGamer videos Edit

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Try Not To Laugh Challenge With My Bro - June 28, 2015

Spanking My Mum - October 27, 2013

Would You Rather With My Bro - December 28, 2014

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Try Not To Laugh Challenge With my Dad - June 7, 2014

Dumbest Vines Ever - May 1, 2015

Charlie Charlie Challenge - May, 26, 2015


Sidemen Controversy Edit

On August 4, 2017, KSI decided to leave the sidemen, and on that same day, ComedyShortsGamer (Deji) made a video asking whether he should join Team 10, The sidemen or make his own group. The next day on Twitter, Simon from Miniminter tweeted to Deji "Join Team 10, we don't want you". And then Deji replied with "You're right, I'll get more views and subs" and it keeps going on;

"You only said that 8 times in your vid"

"Simon stop being salty because your master left you"

"Let's face it, we both need him if we want views"

"You need him more than me, your channel is 75% ksi's"

"In the last 2 months, he's been in 2 videos on each of our channels..... and I live with him, what's your excuse?"

"He's my brother, you're just a bitch he met at school"

"Exactly, so he chose to hang out with me, he was stuck with you"

"This edit was made buy some guy called Rayyan yoosuf najeeb from mladives also known as groot3245 or mega_orange"

"ahahahahahahaha, I have never done that, but I do remember you going into his room and liking your vids from his account"

"And you beg Jjto be in your vids all the time. Sit down Simon"

"read 3 tweets ago about being in the same amount of vids on both our channels :) also I am always sitting down"

"It's funny though, Jj has left your little shit group now so says a lot about that. So stop trying to be the man that your mother is"

"the group you just made a vid about wanting to join? and I appreciate the 'yo momma' joke but it suggests you got nothing else left"

"Let's be honest, why would I join a group that is on life support. I mean, you ask your fans for video ideas all the time. You have no ideas"

"I just don't feel like I need to reply about ME not having ideas"

"Simon, do we need to talk about the DM you sent me?"

"lol you wanna go into private discussions to win an argument? can't wait for the video about this tomorrow"

And that's where the argument ends but there's more to expect; On August 11, 2017, Deji is going to make a disstrack on the sidemen called RIPSIDEMEN. Harry from W2S made a disstrack on KSI and mentioned Comedyshortsgamer as retarded on August 9, 2017.

This ‘beef’ later resurfaced around Christmas 2018, when Deji and his older brother KSI had an argument. They later apologised to one another and Deji had mentioned he was wrong. The current relationship is still unclear.

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